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Garage Spring Repair: $350

Standard garage doors on today's market use a torsion spring system that counterbalances the weight of the physical door. When spring strength meets equilibrium with door weight, the industry calls the door "balanced." There are numerous factors that go into the equation that determines strength of torsion springs. Such as wire gauge, inside diameter, and spring length. If a garage door doesn't have the proper spring, it will feel too heavy to lift. Or worse, the door will fly open. Replacing torsion springs can be very dangerous and it's always recommended to hire trained professionals who both know the correct springs to use in every situation, and also know how to handle the job safely. 

Basic Repairs: $100-150

Some repair jobs can look worse than they really are. Assuming parts can be salvaged, most repair jobs can be performed for a flat charge of $100 labor. Depending on difficulty of the work, our technicians might deem it necessary to charge a little more for their time. But if a door or opener appears to be beyond saving, we'll provide you a free estimate and recommend the best possible solution that's within your budget. 

Cable Offs

Track Adjustments

Tilted Doors

Whatever the situation, ATX Garage Door Repair is equipped to handle it! 

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